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5 Reasons To Invest In Bahria town Rawalpindi

Bahria town rawalpindi is a private real estate project.It has been recognized as Pakistan’s largest-ever residential and commercial development. It was inaugurated by the Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, on December 25, 1996.
It is spread over an area of more than 20,000 acres.Houses more than 1 million people in 19 different phases. As a true blue “Garden City”, with its large parks and expansive greenery and posh neighborhoods.Bahria Town Rawalpindi offers unparalleled elegance with all the modern facilities .You can imagine – from schools to hospitals to shops to entertainment centers, etc.This city has everything you need! Because it is still under development for most parts.Land prices are fair and reasonable at the moment. That, makes it a good investment for people looking to buy or rent a house.

Invest In Bahria town Rawalpindi


If you know how to handle risk while invest in bahria town Rawalpindi.Then, this is probably the best time to invest in Bahria Town Rawalpindi .Because, even though it’s still under development.Land prices here will keep increasing in the future.Once it’s completely finished in 2020.Property rates might go up by 100% and beyond (a possibility that cannot be ruled out). So if you can take risks with your hard-earned cash.Make sure you get yourself at least two plots. When they’re readily available yet not too expensive. We didn’t get either of our plots here.But, it’s not the end of the world! There are other investments you can make. Just be patient, find out more about your options before acting on them.Keep looking for good deals!


Bahria City Rawalpindi is a gated community, which means you’re getting peace of mind.Just by living there,no one can enter without an invite or approval from the administration first. This makes it highly secure as compared to any other housing scheme. In Pakistan, where anyone with enough cash can come in and own anything they want. The same goes for your car(s), so if you have one.Don’t be afraid to invest it inside this city.Because it’s literally a safe haven for storing your prized possessions.

Saleable Residential Area:

The fact that Bahria Town Rawalpindi is home to many affluent and high-profile people.Makes it one of the most saleable residential areas in Pakistan.Basically, houses here are never out of demand.Buyers (both local and foreign) will always be lining up for them.Because they’re sure about profit margins here, which earns you more profit. If you sell your house later on.Preferably at a time when prices have shot up massively. As compared to what you bought it for initially.

Financial Benefits:

Investing in this city has great financial benefits as well as social ones.As Bahria Town Rawalpindi offers its residents all sorts of opportunities to advance their careers and lives in general .Because it will give them the much-needed exposure to high-class society. That, they otherwise wouldn’t have access to. You can consider investing in this city for this very reason.If you haven’t done so yet.Because when people are surrounded by positive energy. There’s always a good chance of growth.

Largest Real Estate Project:

More than anything else, Bahria Town Rawalpindi is Pakistan’s largest real estate project.So, even if you buy one plot here but don’t want to build your house right away or ever.At least there are options for you. Regarding resale value, which might come in handy later on when money gets tight! It is, after all, a gated community with modern facilities inside.So, once you go inside, you won’t want to leave

Invest In Bahria town Rawalpindi:Final Thoughts

While all of the above are good reasons for investing in Bahria Town Rawalpindi.There are plenty more, but these five are most likely the best you could think of. What’s your reason? If you know what they say, two heads are better than one.So, if you have any other reasons for investing in this city.Let us know by leaving a comment below!