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Is Property Investment A Good Idea?

Property Investment

Property Investment is unquestionably one of the most suggested and secure investments available to everybody. Because of the ever-increasing demand for suitable housing in cities, you can count on a strong return on your property investment. While it is a fantastic way to build long-term wealth, it is not always the best fit for certain people. Most purchasers confront a struggle in finding the ideal property that suits their budget. Pakistan’s real estate market is flooded with a variety of properties, including land, flats, villas, and commercial areas. According to experts, completing a market analysis and background investigation will greatly assist you in identifying the ideal property deal. The following points explain to you that is property investment is a good idea or not.


Many individuals believe that investing in real estate is more secure than investing in stocks. As a result, banks are more likely to lend you money to invest in real estate than stocks. Stocks and cash in the bank are more liquid. This implies you’ll be able to withdraw funds much more quickly. Property investing, on the other hand, is less liquid and requires a long process to get your money out. The advantage is that the market does not typically vary as much as the stock market. Although the market does decline at times, many individuals find it to be more secure than the stock market.

Positive cash flow

Your property investment can provide a positive cash flow. This is fantastic since it means that someone else is spending off your mortgage while you get money in your account. The majority of people appear to invest in a negatively geared home in the hopes of making a profit. If you invest in positively valued property, though, you can create cash flow every week. You can then calculate the return and receive a yearly cash-on-cash return. That means you’ll get the money you put in back each year, plus any capital gains. Positive cash flow properties are advantageous since you receive immediate profits and financial gains.

Control over property

Your property is under your control. You have no power over how a business is operated when you buy in shares, and you simply wouldn’t be able to do anything to improve the performance of your investment. When you own an investment property, though, you have more control over how it operates. You have complete control over your residents and the property manager. Then it’s up to you to decide what improvements to make to the property. You can even divide or develop it if you want to. Because you have ownership over your asset, you have a plethora of possibilities.


Equity plays an important role while you are investing in property. As the value of the property rises, we gain equity. The variance between the property’s value and our home loan is called equity. And that equity is valuable because we can frequently borrow against it to purchase other investment properties. This implies we may start building our portfolio using the equity we already have instead of utilizing our own money to pay for the deposits. The more property you own, the more equity you accumulate. The full effect of equity can be a significant benefit to property investment.

Tax advantages

When you invest in Property investment, you gain access to several other tax advantages. Depending on how you manage your business, many of your expenditures become taxable business expenses, you can subtract your mortgage interest, and you may even be able to avoid paying identity income tax on your real estate investment. You can also benefit from depreciation recapture, which is another government subsidy that can help save money on your yearly responsibilities.

Fewer Risks

Property investment carries fewer dangers than other types of investments, such as equities, especially when made over a lengthy period of time. Because property values and equity growth over time, the longer you retain investment properties, the lower your risk of losing money. Furthermore, unlike a stock investment, which could lose value at any time, property investment will always have value because it is a real asset.

Hedge against Inflation

Working capital and investment real estate prices have traditionally kept pace with inflation. This means that if the cost of living rises, so do the values of investment homes. On three levels, this is advantageous to real estate investors:

  • Property developers can raise the quantity they charge for rent as inflation rises.
  • Property investment increase in value sufficiently to compensate for inflation.
  • Inflation has no effect on mortgage payments, therefore their absolute value falls with inflation.

As a result, if you invest in real estate, inflation will work in your favor. Having a property investment comes with several benefits. This is why investors get started in real estate investing. 

Leverage Your Investment

There aren’t many investments that enable you to put your money into assets that are worth substantially more than you have. You can invest on leverage (borrow) if you are an investor with a high net worth, but you must be an expert in this field with a high net worth to do so. Individuals can put down a small percentage of the home’s cost and buy shares in it with real estate. That means you just have to invest 10% of the asset’s value to own it. Then, as you start paying down the loan, you’ll be able to keep more of the asset over time, boosting your rate of interest not only by reducing the debt of the loan but also by the natural value of the real estate.